Puppy update, and pictures!

Sandy has been down all day. Brandy left for her new home yesterday around 5pm, and Sarah (or, TPFKAA*) left with her new family around 8pm. I’m sure Sandy noticed their absence as soon as they were gone, but my heart broke this morning when she tried to call them. She barked towards the door, and paused. The five puppies still here barked, then Sandy barked a few times more, looking towards the front door. Then she looked at me and hubby, walked around anxiously, and looked towards the door again. I was just short of tears after witnessing that.
We were home for most of the day, but had a couple of errands to run and left the house around 5pm. We were gone for just over 3 hours, but when we got back all five pups were roaming around the house, greeting us with pee puddles everywhere. I was only slighlty annoyed after having cleaned yesterday afternoon. Hubby rigged their whelping box with two pieces of wood he found at work and made the edges higher. Let’s see if they make it out tomorrow….I’ve got a friend’s crate on standy-by just in case!
(*The Puppy Formerly Known As Alice)
Matty and Rosie
Olivia, Brandy and Butterball planning their escape route.
My sister and her baby, Music
B with Butterball, M with Bella
Not quite sure how that “sharing” concept works….
As Brandy’s new mommy and I were talking in the kitchen, B quietly went over to their box, took Brandy out and said his goodbyes…so sweet.
Butterball and Rosie playing
And then, there were five: Music, Olivia, Rosie, Butterball, Bella
How do we get out of here now?!

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