Productivity level: FAIL

I woke up full of energy, with big plans to put away all the Christmas stuff, clean the house, attack my bathroom (which is desperately in need of a good scrubbing), and possibly start scrapbooking. Hadn’t heard that word in a while, had you? I realized earlier this week that it’s been about a year since I last scrapbooked. Even worse, my baby boy will be three next Saturday, and he still only has 7 pages in his book. I know there’s no way I’ll catch up before his birthday, but I’d like to make the effort to complete the book for his first year before the end of February. But I digress…
It is now 3:30pm, and not one of the tasks above is complete. Most of the Christmas stuff is put away, but the outside decorations are still out as I’m waiting for Eric to get home from work so that he can help me put them in the attic. I swept the floor, but that’s as far as I got with cleaning.
In my defense, my sister stopped by earlier today, and we spent at least an hour playing with the puppies. Today is their last day together, as two are getting picked up in a couple of hours. I took a bunch of pictures, I’ll be back later to post those. The boys and I are going to have a late lunch now, then we’ll see how much further down my To-Do list I get. I’m hoping my second wind hits soon so that I can at least dust the furniture and mop the floor.

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