My imagination running wild

So WB has been telling me since December that she and sherlock were planning to visit us in January (it’s January 23rd…where are you?!). My subconscious is so excited about this upcoming, apparently-delayed-until-February visit that I dreamt last night that she came to live with us for six weeks. In my dream she snagged her dream job, but training for their super-special, state-of-the-art cad drawing software was only held here in Miami, so she asked if I would provide room and board during those weeks. Of course I said yes, so she lived with us Monday through Friday, driving back and forth on the weekends to see sherlock and RTY.
Isn’t it amazing the way the mind takes one little thing and just goes wild with it while you’re sleeping?!
Oh, and WB? Hurry up and visit! I’m going through WB withdrawal!

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