Decade in review, part 2

(clearly my resolution to improve my punctuality went down the toilet…)
Here we go, part two of my decade in review:
Babalu Blog gets its first booth at Cuba Nostalgia.
Titi turns 25!
In August, Hubby and I traveled to New Jersey for my cousin’s wedding, and spent a couple of days in New York City. Came home to a hurricane, and while we were spared by Katrina, those in New Orleans and the surrounding areas weren’t.
My big brother and my cousin/SIL found out they were expecting.
My grandfather ran himself over. Really.
The stork was really busy, as no less than six babies were born to friends and family this year, with some spill-over into 2006. This is also the year we decided to “try” for baby #2, shortly after returning from NYC in August.
January: we went to see Billy Joel. again. He rocks!
In March, we upgraded from our 2/1 condo to our 3/2 townhouse.
My nephew Tyler is born.
Andy Garcia’s 15-year labor of love, The Lost City, was released in April. Definitely one of my favorites!
June: We’re pregnant! This is also the month I changed departments at my former employer.
July: Met WB and (sherlock too, of course)!
Brandon started pre-school in August.
It’s a boy!
My big sis has baby #2, Maxx Logan. For those keeping track, all grandchildren to date are boys.
Another cruise, this time we leave B behind and go on our sea voyage with my BFF Viv, her husband and their family. That was the most hilarious 4 days ever. (BTW, this is the 3rd cruise in as many years, and for two out of three I was pregnant. Weird, huh?)
December: my 30th birthday, Brandon gets his first bike for Christmas, waiting for the new year, and the new baby!
Had a beautiful shower for the new baby, and I received an amazing gift.
I became a Mother of Two.
Late April/Early May: Went to Disney with a 4 year old and a 3 month old. Yes, we’re nuts.
After 6 years (and 2 kids), I graduated!
A couple of months later, another happy milestone in our family: hubby became a citizen.
Adrian and Lilli have their first baby, Felipe.
We visited WB and sherlock for their annual Halloween party, where we were mocked for not participating in karaoke.
In December, Eric and I were lucky enough to attend the Republican presidential debate. Very cool to be a part of history, even in a small way.
Also in December, we found out that my big brother and cousin were expecting another baby.
Matty walks!
Brandon freaked us out when he stuck two beads up his nose. Also, he got hookers for his 5th birthday.
Heath Ledger passed away.
Finally, a girl among the cousins!
Our red betta, Fishy, died in April after being with us for four years. The next day we got a new one, a blue one Brandon named Buster.
My mom, family friend Tere, my sister, two of her friends and I Marched for Babies.
I met some famous people at Cuba Nostalgia, and hung out with two of my favorite Cubanitas.
My cool Uncle Val visited the White House.
The Pereiras visit Casa Dufau.
Brandon graduated from Pre-K!
Gas hit $4.
On May 31st, Claudia and I re-lived our youth at the Freestyle invasion concert.
BFF Viv had her baby boy.
The accelerator cable on my car snapped as I was driving home on the Turnpike with Matty. I wasn’t sure I would be able to stop the car…one of the scariest moments of my life.
My little brother turned 21 in July…I feel so old.
My niece was born!
More milestones: Brandon started kindergarten, and Matty started (pre) Pre-K.
My grandmother passed away at 94 years old.
Finally started work on replacing the siding of our house (still haven’t finished it, a year and three months later).
After a 15-year wait, Claudia and I saw NKOTB again!
Part of history again: attended the John McCain rally, 2 days before election day, with my mom.
Went to a Clinton Kelly Meet-and-Greet with friend C.
December: I got hooked on Twilight.
Uncle Val goes to the White House again. *pride*
Car accident meant that trusted Kia Sportage was a “total loss” for the insurance, so we took our payout and got a 2006 Kia Sorento. After four years, we have a monthly car payment again. Not fun.
Around the same time, I began looking for a new job. Things were headed downhill fast at work, and I wanted to get out before I got outted.
Book Club Meeting/High School Reunion! 😉
Started losing weight, and my blood pressure rose, thanks to job scenario. The doctor put me on a beta blocker. The next day, I am no longer employed. Two weeks later, Fabulous New Job was mine. Proof that things happen for a reason.
Kikita visited Miami, and stayed with us.
A priceless gift.
In June, hubby and I started discussing the possibility of maybe getting a dog.
July: we went up to Orlando for my cousin’s wedding. Finally took the boys to Islands of Adventure and Universal. Hung out with WB and sherlock. Satiated the Orlando craving for a while.
Hubby got demoted. I’m still bitter.
Felipe becomes a big brother to little sister Francesca.
Went to Key West to celebrate our anniversary. Hadn’t been there in at least five years.
Got my cool gig as a subcontractor for Kellogg’s
My great-uncle passed away.
A doggy adopted us.
Helped Claudia Thrill the World…so much fun!
Blogged every day during the month of November. A new record for me.
My cousin Yailen has her much-anticipated baby boy Ryan.
Sandy made me a grandmother after having 7 puppies.
December 26: Buster the fish is no more.
Wow, what a decade! What are you highlights?

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