Finally got an oil change today. I think it was close to 10K miles since I last did one.
My coworker lent me a crate for the pups, which we set up last night. Puppies slept rather well in it (can’t say they slept all night, as they never do). Sandy will be in there tonight as she was a very bad girl today and pooped in the boys’ room.
Oh, and I’m taking Olivia with me to work tomorrow! She will be leaving with her new mommy, my coworker, and go to her new home tomorrow evening.
Hubby and I went to Old Navy today after work….I had no idea they redesigned the store! I really like the new layout, it’s set up almost the same as Forever 21.
I forgot to mention a little experience we had at the grocery store on Sunday. We are still undecided if it was a man or a woman…he/she was almost six feet tall, wearing a neon pink shirt and navy cargo shorts, talking on their cell phone, which had a matching pink cover. Definitely not an avid user of testosterone cream, by the looks of it…he/she had bigger boobs than I do. And honestly, I’m not judging, but it’s like a car accident…you just can’t look away.
Did you read the February issue of Parents magazine? There’s an excellent article in there regarding blog moms (hey, I’m one of those!!), and how they’ve made a difference in different sectors, from social networking sites to advertising, all because of the power of the internet. My fellow snackpicks mom Renee is featured as one of the ten Parents Power Moms. Pretty cool, huh?

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