Happy Birth Day!

Hubby left Sandy outside this morning because he was scheduled to be at work all day today, and we didn’t want any little surprises when we got home. Well, we got some surprises anyway…seven, to be exact. That’s how many puppies Sandy had this afternoon. We did not know she was pregnant. The vet didn’t know either. I guess she was newly knocked up when she found us, and it was too early to tell when we took her to the vet two days later. For the last two weeks, I suspected something was wrong, she was getting way too fat, but she did not have any other pregnant doggy signs. So I figured, “let’s wait and see”….
Poor little girl was all by herself, outside, in the rain. Not sure what time she had them.
Hubby initially thought there were four or five, as she found a cushy spot in the backyard to have her brood and some of them wandered off. As we were bringing them inside, two more joined the pack, sniffing around for their mama.
Had he let me name the dog Bella when we found her, I would have named the puppies Edward, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle, and Esme. For now, they are the Seven Dwarfs, since they are so tiny.
My friend Mary on FB said it best: “Congrats! You found your pup when she needed you most!” I could not agree more. I shudder to think what she might have gone through had she not adopted us.
We’ve got tentative homes for three, but four need a home. Anyone want a puppy?

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