Hi all, I know it’s been quiet…sorry, didn’t have much chance for blogging this weekend.
We took Sandy and the puppies to the vet on Friday morning. Everything is great! They gave her a calcium supplement, since she’s feeding so many little ones. And she’s on puppy food, which will give both her and the babies lots of energy. All seven of them are in a pudgy state, and it’s so much fun to watch them wiggle around.
Yesterday, I spent the morning cleaning, and in the afternoon my sister, mom, and grandparents came over and we decorated the tree. Oh, and stared at adorable puppies.
Today, I went to something work-related for an hour, came home and stared at puppies, we ran some errands, stared at puppies some more, did laundry, and stared at puppies, B did his weekend homework, there was some more staring at puppies, and we got ready for the start of a new week. Any idea what our new favorite pasttime is?

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