…had a long day. It wasn’t bad, just busy.
…am elated that there’s a new baby in the family to love. My cousin had her baby boy early this morning. Her water broke a short while I left her house last night. We got home a short while ago from visiting them at the hospital. He’s absolutely delicious!!
…found it rather interesting that it took me less time and miles to drive to the next county over than it would take me to go to my old job.
…also found it interesting that my cousin and I both evict our babies before they are full-term. She evicts them around 34 weeks, while I evict them at 36 weeks.
…should be in bed right now, but I can’t go to bed just yet. Have to wait a little while longer because we just fed Sandy and she needs to be taken out before she has an(other) accident in the house.
…wish you all a good night!

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