Bling for Bucks

Seeing as how we’re a bit strapped this holiday season, I was going crazy trying to figure out ways to get some money together so that we can afford Christmas presents for the boys. Coincidentally, I was cleaning out my dresser the other day, and came across some old jewelry I don’t wear anymore. So I had a “lightbulb!” moment and figured out a quick and easy way to get some extra cash: cash for gold.
I got some pieces together, two pairs of gold earrings and six silver rings that haven’t fit me in years, and sent them in to The process was very easy: they sent me what they call a gold kit, a pre-paid FedEx mailer with the instructions and inventory form. I put my jewelry in the package, filled out the inventory form, mailed it, and had a payout amount in my email inbox within 24 hours of them receiving it.
I’m no jewelry expert, but I do think I got a fair price for the value of the items I sent in, and the payout amount went right into my PayPal account. It was a fast, hassle-free process, and a great start to my holiday budget.
Disclosure: The above is an honest review. I did receive compensation for using the service.

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