My little sister came over around 11am and spent the entire day with us. She sat with us for a while as we wrapped up breakfast, then hung out with the boys for pretty much the entire afternoon as I cleaned their room and playroom, and folded and put away the last week’s laundry.
They watched Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs together and played with Sandy, then my big sister called asking me to watch her two boys for an hour. I said sure, and then the fun really started! I took out Animal Scramble, which the boys got for Christmas last year, and everybody had a blast. What a fun game! Instead of following the game rules, we assigned an animal to each of the kids, and they took turns “tagging” the giraffe. It was such a hit, I regret not having opened it up sooner.
Later on in the evening we headed to dinner at my aunt’s house in honor of my stepbrother’s birthday today (Happy Birthday, Lu!!), where all six kids – the four boys, Tyler and baby Brooke – and a bunch of adults enjoyed a few more hours of fun and laughter. We got home a short while ago, and both boys had to be carried in from the car, fast asleep.
I cherish days like today, full of wonderful memories wrapped in our unique family’s love.

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