Black Friday

I was going to post a Black Friday photo essay to share today’s adventures with you, but stupid me left the camera at home (a side effect of only getting 4 hours of sleep).
We arrived at Walmart shortly after 6am, and left a few minutes past 8am. The worst part there were the lines. Our next stop was Target, and part of our shopping was already done as my cousin S went over there while we were paying at Walmart. She gathered some things we asked her for while we made our way over there.
Next up was Toys R Us, which was packed, but not as crazy as expected. We were also in and out fairly quickly. At this point, it was 10:30am, and C had to go home because her hubby had to go to be at work in an hour. So S and I kept going, stopping at Kmart, another Toys R Us and another Target before finally heading home at 3pm. (With a tiny pitstop at my office prior to TRU to pick up something).
I would share some of my findings, but since my eldest can read, I do not want him stubbling upon the list. But I will say that even with getting this and this, which were unplanned purchases, I spent less than $250, and my shopping is done (except for one thing that wasn’t in stock)!
What did you do today? Did you brave the stores, or stay home and eat leftovers?

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