Trick or Treat!!

Headed to a birthday party in a few minutes, and then BFF Viv’s annual Halloween Bash.
But before all that, I knocked all the following off my to-do list today:
Bathed Sandy.
Folded and put away all the laundry that was on the couch from throughout the week.
Washed and dried three more loads, one of which included Sandy’s doggie bed.
Cleaned the boys’ bathtub (since Sandy used it).
Wiped down the couches (and realized that I have to do this more often now that we have a doggie).
Vacuumed the boys’ room, playroom and living room.
Cleaned the floor (except the kitchen, which I’m doing tomorrow).
Went to the grocery store.
Made curry chicken salad for the party tonight.
And now I’m about to change so we can get out of here. Have fun tonight, everyone!
And Happy Anniversary to my dear friend WB and Sherlock!!
Oh, just a reminder, turn your clocks forward backward one hour tonight. Daylight Savings Time ends tomorrow.

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