Thursday musings

* Had 5 Guys for lunch. Little cheeseburger with grilled onions and mushrooms, and shared a large fries with my boss and coworker/friend. YUM!!
* We got back B’s school portraits today. Doesn’t my big boy look handsome? (A little squinty, but still so cute!)
* The boys went to school in their costumes this morning.
See the pumpkin between them, carved with Manny from Ice Age? Brandon won it at the pumpkin patch last weekend. Some promoters for Ice Age 3 (which came out on DVD two days ago) were there handing out goodie bags, and he got the winning bag. It’s pretty cool, right?
* I got all creative with B’s lunches this week and used my Halloween cookie cutters to cut his PB&J into a bat, a pumpkin, a cat, and a Frankenstein head. He loved the idea, but he says his friends said, “why did your mom do that?” Weird kids.

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