Surprise savings

Want to know what I did yesterday that will save me a nice chunk of change every month? (Humor me and say yes, because you know I’m going to tell you anyway.) I joined the Walgreens prescription savings club. The cost was $35 to enroll all four of us (or $20 for an individual) for the year.
Joining the club decreased the cost of my 3-month prescription from $79 to $36. This time I paid $71, including the club fee, but next time I pick up my refill, it will cost me $43 less. I’m glad that the pharmacy staff told me about this when I called on Saturday to make sure my prescription was filled. Just wish I’d known about it sooner, I looked through the list of covered medications, and I could have saved a bundle with the other meds we’ve collectively taken in the last six months.

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