Please call first!!

I am ashamed to admit the following: My house looks like a pig sty. Three piles of laundry have found permanent residence on my couch. Hubby and I brought home a new-to-us barbecue on Sunday, and since then the pieces have been scattered about my entry area and dining room (we had to take it apart for it to fit in the car). I am so very grateful that my floor tiles are gray, providing camouflage for the dirt I haven’t found the time to mop. In other words, no visitors allowed!
I really, really want to decorate for the fall season, but I can’t do that until the house is clean, and I’m so overwhelmed by the nastiness everywhere that I just keep postponing it. So now it’s a vicious circle: look around the room, try to figure out where to start, become discouraged, give up on that room, leave to another room. Do you see where this is going? The good news is I’m reaching that point where I just can’t take it anymore, and I’ll break down and go on a cleaning frenzy. It’s definitely not tonight, though. It won’t be tomorrow, either, as I’m partcipating in my very first Twitter Party, plus I’ve got Grey’s and Private Practice to watch. I don’t usually plan the frenzy ahead of time, but it looks like Friday will be the day, so that I can lift the ban on visitors in time for the weekend.

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