‘Bout Time!!

I’ve noticed that a lot of my favorite bloggers have a “100 Things About Me” (or some variation), so after almost six years of blogging, I’ve decided to join the bandwagon and make my own. My regulars know most of this stuff, as these tidbits are scattered all over the blog, but now they are in one handy-dandy place. I hope you enjoy my “78 Things” (That’s how far I got before it seemed like I was just making stuff up).

1. I’ve been married since 2002.
2. We have two boys.
3. They are my world.
4. Brandon is 6.
5. Matthew is 2.
6. They are 4 years and 19 days apart.
7. Their scheduled due dates were 16 days apart.
8. They were both preemies.
9. B was born at 36 weeks and 1 day.
10. M was born at 36 weeks and 5 days.
11. I will admit it: when I got pregnant the second time, I really wanted a girl.
12. But I’ve come to realize that boys are easier (in some ways) than girls.
13. My parents divorced when I was five.
14. Both of them remarried.
15. Consequently, I have a very large extended family.
16. My siblings include two older stepbrothers, an older stepsister, my “sister” sister, and my half-brother.
17. This would be a good time to mention that my cousin (dad’s niece) is my sister-in-law (married to one of the stepbros).
18. My oldest nephew is 7 months younger than B (to the day), and his baby brother is 4 months and 16 days older than M.
19. No, my stepsister and I didn’t plan it that way.
20. I was born in the United States, but I’m very proud of my Cuban heritage.
21. My grandparents, mom and uncle were recently featured in a documentary about the Freedom Flights.
22. It’s so very sad, but I’m so grateful to have something like that to show my kids.
23. I like to scrapbook.
24. But have been quite terrible about scrapping M’s pictures.
25. He has five pages in his book.
26. His older brother has three complete books.
27. Yeah, that’s a bit unfair.
28. I do plan on remedying that someday, hopefully soon.
29. In middle school, I was in gifted.
30. In high school, I was not.
31. But I was in some honors classes.
32. I was a band geek, and proud of it.
33. I graduated with a B average.
34. I’m smart, but lazy.
35. And I procrastinate.
36. A lot.
37. That’s why it took me five and 1/2 years to finish community college.
38. And almost six years of blogging to make this “about me” page.
39. I graduated in December 2000 and took nine months off (till the next fall semester) before pursuing my Bachelor degree.
40. It took me just under seven years to finish that.
41. But in my defense, I got married and had two kids during those seven years.
42. I worked for a major University for almost 15 years.
43. Thanks to that job, I didn’t pay for anything except books while pursuing my Bachelor degree.
44. I might have pursued my Masters there too, but I lost my job.
45. One of the best things that could have happened.
46. I love my new job.
47. I hope to be there for a long, long time.
48. Hubby and I met in high school.
49. He was dating his best friend’s sister at the time.
50. A year after he graduated, they broke up.
51. A few months after that, we started dating (me and hubby, not me and the best friend’s sister).
52. Two years later, I was a bridesmaid at her wedding.
53. To this day, we are friends.
54. We’re weird like that.
55. Hubby and I dated for four years.
56 Then broke up for ten months.
57 We got back together, and got married less than a year after that.
58. My favoritest (yes, it’s a word) movie ever is “When Harry Met Sally”.
59. I can recite pretty much the whole movie.
60. I love the Twilight Series.
61. Team Edward!
62. I’ve read all four books four times.
63. Will probably do another read-through before New Moon comes out in November (2009).
64. I am frightfully scared of frogs.
65. I can’t even hear them croak.
66. I get chills if I do.
67. And quickly run the other way.
68. I also hate roaches.
69. And just about any other creepy-crawly thing.
70. Hubby is the designated bug squisher at our house.
71. I have never had any kind of surgery, except for getting my molars removed.
72. I’m scared of plastic surgery.
73. I know someone who almost died from it.
74. I would like to get Lasik eye surgery though.
75. Because I’m tired of contacts and glasses.
76. I sound like a commercial.
77. I’m left-handed.
78. Which means I often remind hubby that I’m the only one of us in her right mind.
79. The End. *grin*

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