Our A/C is now working properly. FIL came by last Thursday and determined it was some relay switch doohickey (technical name) outside that allows the big fan outside in the big metal box (another technical term) to turn off and on when the unit need to cool down. The part cost a meer $10, for which I am so very, very grateful. FIL came by earlier today and replaced it, and now our house is nice and cool again. Our thermostat has needed replacing for a while, so spending $50 on that is next on the list.
We drove three hours South and spent the day in Key West yesterday. Hubby’s been wanting to do that for a while, and our upcoming anniversary (Tuesday) was the perfect excuse to “take advantage of our own backyard”, as my friend C told me. We got there around 1pm, drove around the island for a bit, had lunch, took the boys to the Key West Aquarium, walked up and down Duval Street, and went to the pier to watch the sun set. It was an awesome day! I’ll post a few pictures tomorrow as I’m just too plain lazy to do it right now.
We were thinking that maybe next time we drive down to the Keys, we would stay there for a couple of days. I’m ashamed to admit that we’ve never done that, and we’re native South Floridians. My cousin Y stays at a rv camping lot every weekend through the summer, and she says it’s a calm, relaxing time, so long as we don’t do it during one of the holiday weekends. Perhaps we will budget for a little late summer getaway…
I’m coming down with a cold and it’s hubby’s fault. He’s been nursing a sore throat and cough for the last few days, and he shared it with me even though I asked him not to. Dayquil and Nyquil will be my new best friends for the next few days.

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