I’m so glad my comments are working again! Come on, people, show me you love me!
It’s just after 6:30pm, and I’m still at work. I’m off the clock, but I’m taking a few minutes to check my personal email (and write this post) because our home computer was attacked by some worm and is with my IT guy. Thankfully, he was able to retrieve and back-up my documents for me, and it looks like the computer won’t need to be re-formated. YAY!
Poor B, I promised him last week that I’d get home early all this week to be able to take him to the park. The playground in our community installed a whole new play area, including swing sets (which it didn’t have before). He’s been aching to go, and I keep having to postpone our visit. I have to make a point to leave early (i.e. on time) tomorrow to take him.
Today is my beautiful nephew Mikey’s 6th birthday! I can’t believe the boys are already six…and starting 1st grade in just two weeks! I think these children need to stop growing, at least for a little bit so that we can enjoy their baby-ness a bit more.
Alright, I’m outta here, still have to get home and make dinner for three men at home. Good night!

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