potentially dangerous

I discovered something today: did you know Walmart accepts paypal as a form of payment when you buy something online? I had no idea! Thanks to this new discovery, I am pretty much done with Brandon’s back to school shopping, he just needs a couple of pairs of pants (which I’d rather he try on in person anyway). No, I didn’t go overboard, I just got him three long-sleeve polos for those five days of “cold” weather we get in Miami.
Yes, Target is my retailer of choice, (I’d be really screwed if they accepted paypal) but this does have the potential to be very bad. Sometimes I have “extra” money in paypal when our checking account does not, and there are times during these monetary circumstances where some retail therapy is needed for me to stay sane. So, yeah, let’s hope I temporarily forget this newfound knowledge when the circumstances present themselves again.

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