Up in flames

So I had this tradition whenever I drove to North Miami Beach. Once I got off the causeway and was on Alton Road, I’d go down to Bayshore Drive and drive in front of the “castle” mansion. This humongous house had a castle facade, complete with tower, gargoyles, creepy-looking security gate, a bridge and moat, the works. I’ve been driving by it for years, probably close to 15 – since I got my permit (maybe even longer with a driver). It’s just so gaudy and out-there, and completely out of place on that street….I loved it! I’d show it off to anyone who was in the car with me, or tell anyone about it who would listen.
So I was very sad when hubby stumbled upon a news video from yesterday showing the mansion caught fire and is pretty much gone. Fortunately, no one was hurt as the house has been vacant for some time, it was currently on the market for $6.9 million. Here’s the listing info, wasn’t it cool? I’ll definitely miss seeing it.

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