Gossip Girls

My casita? She is beyond clean. We gathered for our third book club meeting yesterday and it was my turn to host, so hubby and I had been cleaning for three days. Not non-stop, of course. Many breaks were taken for facebooking, web browsing, TV-watching, blogging and other activities not at all related to the task at hand: getting the house presentable for a get-together. I must say, I am very pleased with the outcome. My backyard no longer looks like a jungle, my couch is no longer an ant-hill, and my bathrooms are not a homage to the three boys that live in this house. La esquina del desahogo (the catch-all corner) is still alive and well in my bedroom though, but I will tackle it bit by bit every weekend until it ceases to exist. Half of it would be gone if it weren’t for my laziness listing items for sale online.
Anyway, about the book club….last time we met we neglected to pick a book, so it was more of a book swap this time around. After the big swap, which took all of fifteen minutes or so, the gabfest began. We talked about everything: our hubbies’ idiosyncrasies, reality shows, former classmates and their whereabouts, even who hated taking piano lessons after school (I can’t even remember how that one came up). It was so much fun! I love hanging out with these girls.

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