Free Slurpees, Happily Ever After, and Pink Underwear

Yup, those words just about sum up our weekend in Orlando! Warning: this is a very long post, so I’m putting half of it below the fold.
Hubby and I have been to Orlando countless times, but I think this is the first time we drive non-stop. It took us just under four hours to get there; we definitely would have gotten there sooner if there hadn’t been thunderstorms along the way, decreasing our speed from just above the speed limit (I’m using the words “just above” very loosely) to about 50 mph at times.
Saturday morning we drove to WB’s house for breakfast, which is roughly 15 minutes away from the hotel we stayed at, if you know where your’e going. Apparently our GPS did not know where we were going as we ended up on the other side of WB’s street. Fortunately, I knew we were rather close, and we got there just a few minutes later. We had breakfast, played with the menagerie, took a tour of the garden, and hung out for a while before heading back to our hotel to get ready for my cousin’s wedding. For WB’s version of our visit, read here.
Oh yeah, we stopped for free Slurpees both to and from WB’s house, as I made it a point not to forget that it was Free Slurpee Day. Free Slurpees Rock!!
The wedding was beautiful, and the reception was just as lovely. My new cousin-in-law looked absolutely stunning, and I am completely enamored with her dress. I wish I had more pictures to share, but my camera was misbehaving and I have very few clear pictures from the event. But I do have this one, which is hilarious! And this one, my new favorite family picture.

Sunday was theme park day, and we went to both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. Since WB and sherlock have annual passes, they joined us at IOA for a few hours. The very first thing we did was meet Spiderman, with Brandon on a high for most of the day after meeting his favorite superhero. After the Spiderman ride, we headed to Bluto’s Barge, and that’s where it happened: we saw pink. A male tourist that rode with us stripped down to his pink, boxer-brief underwear, right there in front of us because – get this- he had cameras in his pockets. Seriously, I’m not making this up. We have photographic proof! WB tried to be discreet when she told me, but I don’t think it mattered, the man truly found nothing wrong with stripping down to his tighty whiteys pinkies for all the world to see.
Anyway, we got off the ride (drenched, of course) and continued through the rest of the park, giggling to each other whenever we’d cross paths with Mr. Pink.
By lunchtime, we were halfway done with the park. WB and sherlock left at that point, and we headed towards The Lost Continent, where we experienced the longest wait time of the day, 50 minutes, for Poseidon’s Fury (which we knew my mom would love, so we made the line for it). All the other rides up to that point were 20 minutes or less, which is why we got through half of the park so fast. And there weren’t as many park visitors as we expected there to be, so that helped too.
Finally, Matty rode his first ride of the day on the High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride in Seuss Landing. We finished up that section of the park and headed across the way to Universal Studios, just as it started sprinkling with light rain. It was kind of refreshing actually, since we’re in July, and July in Florida is not much fun. We spent about four hours at that park, trying to concentrate mostly on attractions the kids could participate in as well. We saw Shrek 4D, then headed over to the KidZone, stopping for the obligatory Jaws family photo along the way. Brandon rode Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster twice, and declared it “Awesome!” Hubby and I took turns riding The Simpsons Ride with Brandon, then headed back to KidZone for the final ride of the day, E.T. By that time it was 8:30pm, and we still had the 4-hour drive home ahead of us, so we left the park and headed towards the parking lot, stopping for yet another obligatory theme park photo.
We’re kind of bummed that we didn’t get a chance to ride The Mummy, but with some (financial) luck we’ll be back in Orlando at the end of September for this. WB, that postcard wasn’t accidentally laying about your living room, was it?…;-)

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