Boom, Boom, Pow

(thispost has nothing to do with the Black Eyed Peas song. WB used it as her recent blog post title, and I liked it so much I’m stealing it!)
It’s been a busy weekend around here, and not just because of the holiday festivities. I’ve washed, folded and put away all our laundry in order to prepare for our little trip next weekend. I also scrubbed the kitchen from top to bottom (I’m embarrassed to admit how nasty it was due to week-long neglect). Hubby and I also set up Matty’s big boy bed (pictures to follow), and between all that, throw in company that came by and dinner prepared, and I’m pooped!
So yeah, maybe the title does have something to do with the post…Pow is the sound my body is going to make when it hits the mattress tonight!

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