My new pretty things

See this dress? And this one? And this blouse (in white)? And these shoes? They are mine!
Hubby, the boys and I had breakfast with my Godmother, and then we all went to a new-to-us mall. Even though I was disinclined, she insisted on getting me a couple of things as an early Mother’s Day present and to celebrate my new job. Thanks to the 12 pounds I lost recently, the two dresses look fabulous on me. The blouse was an unexpected surprise: someone had left it in the fitting room, and I tried it on out of curiosity. The store had one of those Friends & Family promotions, so my Godmother paid practically nothing for the three items. I hadn’t seen a deal this good since some of last year’s Cyber Monday sales! Had it been my money, I would have probably taken a few more items.
The shoes were a treat to myself for starting my fabulous new job. They are so cute. I love the way they look on my feet, and they are very comfortable. They had them in a goldish color too, but I thought the black ones were more versatile.
I’m going to Lilli‘s baby shower tomorrow, and am considering wearing the black dress and the shoes. What do you think? Should I, or is black too serious for a baby shower?

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