The secret’s out!

Remember this? I can talk about it now! Today is hubby’s first day at his new job. He’s now working at a high-end car dealership. No, he’s not selling Ferrari parts. In fact, he’s not selling anything! One of the reasons he loved this opportunity is because it has nothing to do with selling.
He’s on the security team for the entire motor group, which includes four dealerships. He just called me, and he’s thrilled! He has a lot of responsibility, which he is embracing. There’s a lot of information he needs to cover today, so already there is overtime. His normal working hours are great, and he’ll be home early enough that we can pull Brandon out of the after school care program and save that money!
I’m so excited for him! Now it’s time for me to find my fabulous new job! Come on, phone, ring!!

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