How does our garden grow?

Last Sunday, hubby planted four more of those tiny little pots with various seeds: another one with tomato, two with strawberry seeds, and one with sweet peppers. When we got home from work yesterday, we were pleasantly surprised to see that both of the tomato pots have sprouted (two pots on the left).
And remember that papaya plant I mentioned? She’s much bigger than the 7 feet I estimated.
See how she’s breaking the fence?
We can’t move her, even if she were smaller, because she’s rooted directly under the fence. But maybe we can grow another tree inside the yard from this branch:
Not sure if that’s even possible though. I’ll have to consult with my local gardening expert, aka my mom, to see if it can be done. But in the meantime, we’re keeping an eye on these babies before they fall.
I can’t wait to make batido de fruta bomba from my very own tree!

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