Feeling determined

So now that I have a *bit* more free time, I decided to do some tweaking to this blog. Nothing most of you would really notice, just some behind-the-scenes stuff with the blogroll. I’m no longer using the blog roll hosting company I was using. Since I’m broke, I can’t afford to pay them for ad-free service. The free service they offer requires that banner ads appear at the top of the page when one of the links is clicked on (if you’ve browsed through my blogroll recently, you’ve noticed this), and whenever I went through my blogroll those ads slowed down my computer. So, I re-vamped my blogroll with HTML coding. Not a big feat for you coding experts, but it is for me! I’m very proud of myself. I feel like I can take on anything today. So now I’m willing the phone to ring. I’m on fire, and I’ll ace whatever interview comes my way!

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