Easter Sunday

How was your day? We hosted our annual Easter egg hunt, which was very close to cancellation as Brandon was plagued by a stomach bug that had him lethargic all day yesterday. He had been looking forward to his egg hunt all week, and cancelling would have broken his heart. We told him we wouldnt’ cancel, but warned him to stay away from the chocolate until we knew his tummy was better. As a precaution we’ve had him on a “B.R.A.T” diet all day, and he seems to be a lot better.
In spite of great sales this year, the boys’ baskets were a bit scarce this year, thanks to our not-so-great financial standing, but we had a great time with family and friends, and that’s what’s important.
Below are just a few shots of our afternoon. Hope you had a lovely day!

Come on!! Let us go already!
I got eggs!
Awesome pic of the boys together!
The kids and their loot.

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