Day 3

So today marks the third day of my involuntary vacation. On Monday, I had breakfast with my cousin and his girlfriend, who were in town from North Carolina. I pretty much napped all day after that. I have a cold, a parting gift from my former supervisor. She was sick for like two weeks, so I knew I’d get it eventually. But I feel relatively well considering, must be all that rest I’m able to get.
Hubby got some sort of stomach bug on Monday, so he called in sick yesterday. He wasn’t 100%, but well enough to go with me to take Matty to the doctor, who has a bunch of little bites all over his body. Doctor says they are bug bites, he has sensitive skin just like his mommy. Then we went to Target, where I got Brandon this jacket for $4.98! Quite a bargain, right? I couldn’t not take it, since a certain 6-year-old has lost all the jackets that fit him. It’s a size bigger than what he’s wearing now, so it will fit him for a while.
I’m not sure what I’ll be up to today. There’s stuff around the house I need to do, but I’d rather catch up on what’s on the DVR. Let’s see if the mood strikes and I do something productive later.

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