Sicky Monkey

Matty’s ear infection hasn’t gone away. He started running a fever yesterday afternoon around 4pm. His school called me whne it was 100.6, and by the time I got there an hour and a half later it was 101.4. It reached it’s highest point around 4am this morning, reaching 103.4. I took him back the pediatrician today, and she started him on another antibiotic. As far as his wheezing is concerned, he’s better, but he started getting a dry cough late this weekend, so she wants him to stay on the nebulizer meds for a few more weeks. Poor little guy!
So here I am, at home, watching him sleep on the couch. I just put a load of laundry in, and I would like to take advantage that I’m home and get some stuff around the house done so there’s less to do during the weekend, but he’ll probably want some TLC when he wakes up. And truth be told, I’d rather hug and squeeze him than clean bathrooms anyway!

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