Our growing garden

Our garden, which is normally very neglected, is getting a makeover. As I mentioned earlier, yesterday morning I cleaned it up. I raked and swept, and cursed at the wind, then swept again. It took one big lawn garbage bag and five kitchen-size garbage bags to discard all the leaves and weeds I gathered. Hubby then planted our very first attempt at fruit, a tiny pot of tomato seeds I bought last Spring (!!). We have to wait a while for it to grow a few inches, but when it does he’s making a homemade Topsy Turvy planter, just like my friend WB. Also, like WB, we have a papaya plant. The thing about our papaya plant is that we didn’t know it was there until my grandfather and mom pointed it out during one of the boys’ birthdays. My mom took the only papaya on the tree at that time, but now it has three ripe fruit! She’s big, at least 7 feet tall if not more, and clearly she’s thriving. Unfortunately she’s also tearing our fence and hubby wants to cut her down. Any volunteers out there that want to come by and help us transplant her?

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