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So, I’ve yet to purchase Twilight, but not for lack of wanting. Yesterday we ran errands to buy things for a birthday brunch we had earlier today in honor of hubby’s birthday, which is tomorrow. And today, our guests left around 3pm, and we just didn’t feel like leaving the house. We realized last night that Twilight was also released on Pay Per View yesterday, so we watched it last night, and again today. Although I still think that the movie does not live up to the book, I’m getting more and more comfortable with a few of the changes made. Like, it doesn’t bother me so much anymore that Bella has a cell phone and a laptop in the movie. The story is set in modern times, so it is completely plausible that she would have these things. And I like the scene in the Cullen’s kitchen when they are cooking for Bella, even though it’s not in the book.
Hubby saw it with me last night, and he liked it. I told him there were several things missing compared to the book, but he said that it seemed fine to him. I’m trying to convince him to read the books, or at the very least the first one. That’s my perfect excuse for buying the box set next month.
(Yes, I added a Twilight tag, and went back and tagged all related posts. I’m obsessed. Don’t judge me.)

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