Long Day

I had to work overtime today, which isn’t really overtime when you’re a salaried employee, to make up for some time I wasn’t in the office this morning. I left the office at 5:30, faced mad-crazy rush hour traffic, stopped at Ross to buy another fabulous suit for $19.99, and got home about 45 minutes ago. I’m now making dinner (thank you, Hamburger Helper!!) and then I’ll be sitting on my comfy couch watching Idol. I wish I could sit on my comfy couch and watch Twilight again, which I saw last night with the commentary on and giggled like a teenager every time Robert Pattinson said something remotely funny, but I want to give hubby a break. I think he’s reaching his Twilight limit.
And to make up for all the Twilight talk lately, here’s a picture of the boys at the Fair late last week. That was Matty’s first ride, by ‘himself”, ever!

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