Im a Twilighter, and I’m not ashamed

Claudia and I headed out to the Twilight release parties last night. We decided to go to Dolphin Mall because three retailers were having events: Borders, FYE and Hot Topic. Although the possibility that they would be in Miami was very unlikely, word on the street was that the cast and crewmembers would be visiting select release parties. So we headed to the mall, armed with our digital cameras, extra batteries and extra sd memory cards, just in case. Unfortunately, because we got there at 10:45pm, we weren’t able to go into Borders or FYE as the doors had been closed.
We spent the evening loitering in and around Hot Topic. Yes, we drooled over all the merchandise, but asked ourselves: “What are we really going to do with this?” and didn’t buy anything. We chatted with my cousin’s girlfriend’s sister (and her parents), who was waiting in line for the sale to start, for a while and then we heard the crowd start counting down. When the clock striked 12, I said “Happy New Year!” and started giggling. The mass of kids rushed into the store (surprisingly, in an orderly fashion), and the line moved pretty quickly. We stuck around for about five more minutes then left.
It was exciting for the most part, but because we didn’t buy the DVD last night it was kind of anti-climactic. I think if we’d made it inside Borders it would have been better. They had a lot more things, like trivia and games and contests, going on. But that’s okay, we had a good time and we took part in the hype, which was the whole point.

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