– Stayed home with Matty. He had a fever yesterday afternoon while at school, so I left work 30 minutes earlier than usual to pick him up. At 4 this morning he burnt up to 103.2, and he was shivering. We kept him in bed with us to keep an eye on him until morning, and I told hubby I’d be calling in sick to take him to the doctor. He’s been getting fevers every couple of weeks, and I was worried it was something more than the flu. I was right, he was diagnosed with a double ear infection, and his chest sounded tight so he’ll be on antibiotics for 10 days, and his nebulizer treatment for about 6 weeks.
– After Matty’s doctor we went to pick up Brandon at school, then to McDonald’s because the baby and I hadn’t eaten lunch. I considered it an early dinner, and poor hubby is now making himself a frozen pizza.
– Got Matty’s antibiotic for free at Publix. Hurray for free meds! Speaking of free, it’s National Pancake Day. Did you know IHOP is giving away free pancakes today? There’s still time, it’s over at 10pm. GO!
– Picked up two boxes of my contacts for less than $30 at Costco while I waited for the prescription to be filled. Next time I go I’ll have to buy 8 boxes (enough to last for a year, they say) because of some new policy they have. That’s going to cost me a lot more than $30. Gotta make these last as long as possible.
– I mailed my car title to the insurance today. Soon as they get it, they are overnighting me a check (for more than we were expecting, by the way), and sending the people to pick up the Kia. We hope to get a new (read: new to us) car this weekend. Please send good thoughts that we find a reliable something in good condition that fits our budget.

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