Mr. Destructo

Come Fall, someone please remind me to buy Brandon at least five school boxes during back-to-school shopping. He broke his third one last week, and we couldn’t find a replacement anywhere. We had to get a small storage bin at Target to do the job temporarily. It was either that, or a pink pencil case they had in stock. The choice is obvious, but I told him I’d have no choice but to buy him the pink pencil case next time if he messes up the new makeshift school box.
And let’s not talk about the fourth pair of sneakers I bought yesterday because his current pair are about to fall apart. To be fair, that’s the only pair of shoes he has, so he wears them all the time, but still…I just got them in November! He lucked out with the new ones because they are character sneakers. They happened to be on sale, and because we were at Payless he got a pair of dress shoes too. I spent the same amount of money on two pairs as we spent on the Spiderman sneakers he pleaded for when school started. I already warned him these better last or he’ll go to school barefoot!

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