I had a “DOH!” moment this morning: I filled up my gas tank, $20 worth, right before I realized that we’re taking the car to the body shop tomorrow and it is quite likely that I just threw away that money (if my car is declared a total loss).
I just ate half a loaf of Cuban bread with butter, and am following it with a little bowl of Apple Jacks with milk. I’d like to say that I just won’t have dinner tonight, but that would be a lie.
Ikea is having a big President’s Day weekend sale, including free breakfast until 10:30am Friday-Monday, and I can’t go (aforementioned car issue). *cry*
Matty may only be 2, but he swears he’s 6 like his brother. Last night he climbed into Brandon’s bed and fidgeted with the covers and pillow until he was comfortable. It was all very cute, until he had a tantrum when we tried to put him in his own bed to go to sleep. I don’t think we’ll be waiting much longer to build the other bed and set the two up as bunks.

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