A few Grammy observations

(not in any particular order, just however I remember them)
– Whitney looks great, but she was definitely a little….off.
– I feel terrible for Jennifer Hudson’s loss. She looked and sounded great!
– M.I.A. should not have been jumping around like that! Then again, today is her due date, she’s probably trying to evict the kiddo!
– Stevie Wonder is the man!
-Carrie Underwood kicks booty!
– Ironic that Led Zeppelin never won Grammy’s, but Robert Plant wins a bunch by way of his collaboration with Alison Krauss, and with a song he co-wrote with Jimmy Page! (Please Read the Letter)
– T.I and J.T, Dead and Gone…excellent!
– Paul McCartney is awesome!
Perhaps more tomorrow, when I watch it again with hubby, who fell asleep halfway through.

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