(*Thank God Tomorrow Is Friday!)
I’m ready for bed, but a few updates before I retire for the night:
-I finished Breaking Dawn last night. Now what? I want more, more, more!
-I took Matty to the doctor after work today. Late in the afternoon his school called me that he had a fever of 100.3. I had my MIL pick him up since I couldn’t leave work immediately. His doctor says he has the same dormant asthma symptoms Brandon was diagnosed with a while back. The fever is a defense mechanism. My flexible spending account is now $165 poorer, thanks to the 4 packages of nebulizer treatment she prescribed. The good thing is, Brandon used the same meds, so I’ve got enough now for the both of them.
-My car should be fixed tomorrow. YAY! I miss the old gal!
-Brandon turns 6 on Sunday. Six… it hasn’t completely sunk in yet.

Alright, that’s it. I can’t think anymore, I’m going to bed.

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