Those of you who frequently visit our home may not recognize my living room next time you’re here. That’s because our DVDs now have a place to live! There will no longer be four boxes in the corner, looking all clutter-y (yes, it’s a word). We bought two bookcases at Target (where else?!) this afternoon. We are so poorer than po’ right now that we had to pay for one with a credit card and one with the debit, but we had to get them because we had never seen these before. They match perfectly with our couches, and they are the size we’ve been looking for. Oh, yeah, and the price was nice: $31.99 each. Hubby is building them right now, and I can’t wait to put everything in them. We plan on buying the TV stand in the next couple of weeks, and then my living room will be all purty. Yes, I’ll be taking pictures, but you’ll have to wait because it’s a disaster area in there right now.

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