Crappy start to 2009

As we were driving to the first of two New Year’s Eve parties yesterday evening, hubby noticed my car was giving him a bit of resistance when he turned the steering wheel. By the time we left party #2 and drove home (thankfully just across our community), the power steering was gone. He noticed a puddle of fluid on the driveway before parking, and concluded the power steering has a very big leak. We had two hoses replaced related to the power steering in April 2007, so if it’s not one of those, it’s the pump, which will cost us a pretty penny. Yup, you guessed it, money we don’t have. I’m hoping my friend Angie’s boyfriend can come by and take care of it tomorrow, and I can give him a post-dated check or something…
I hope this is not a sign of how the rest of the year is going to be.
How’s your New Year been so far?

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