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I posted this on facebook earlier, and I figure I should post it here too:
25 things about me….’bout time!
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1. I can’t believe my littlest baby boy turns 2 tomorrow!
2. I am both scared and hopeful about the possible changes that lie ahead.
3. I should be cleaning and picking up right now, getting ready for Matty’s mini-birthday bash this Saturday. Instead I’m Facebooking…damn addiction!
4. Sometimes I really miss a former friend of mine. Happens left often now, but it still happens.
5. When I was little, my dream was to go to UM. Who would have known that I’d get a job there and go for free?!
6. I’m pleasantly surprised that a few of my crushes from my school years are now friends of mine on Facebook, and there’s no weirdness. Is that what happens when you grow up??? 😉
7. I have what I consider a photographic memory. I can go somewhere once and remember exactly how to get there the next time, and I know a lot of my friends’ and family’s phone numbers and addresses by heart.
8. My all time favorite movie, ever, is When Harry Met Sally. Princess Bride, Someone Like You, Definitely Maybe and You Got Mail are tied for second.
9. I need to get rid of my debt. Like, yesterday.
10. I’m named after my great-aunt, my maternal grandmother’s little sister. She was an actress in Cuba. She died at 9 of leukemia. I am honored to bear her name, and sometimes I wonder….no, I know she would have spoiled me and smothered me with love like my other five great-aunts do/did.
11. When I was a baby, my grandmother’s cousin (I think that’s who it was…Val?) told my mom that she should have named me “Fortuna” because I was destined for success. He never called me by my given name when he saw me.
12. A lot of people call me Mandy, but when my cousin Alex says it, my heart swells.
13. I’ve only been hospitalized three times, and all three involve the birth of my two children.
14. I’ve never broken a bone.
15. I know I just jinxed myself with numbers 13 and 14.
16. I go back and forth on getting a tattoo. Same goes for plastic surgery.
17. I’ve never smoked. Not a cigarette, not a blunt, not a cigar…ever. Yuck!
18. I’ve learned to accept my unruly curly hair. Sometimes I even love it. Last week it was great. Yesterday it was terrible. Today was just okay. Who knows what tomorrow will be!
19. I plan to get lasik eye surgery in the next year or two. Probably two.
20. True story: I was a bridesmaid in my husband’s ex-girlfriend’s wedding.
21. My husband was my first real, serious boyfriend. We dated for about five and a half years before breaking up for 10 months between 2000 and 2001. We got married 10 months after getting back together. Our 7-year anniversary is in August.
22. He’s a pain in my ass sometimes, but I adore him. I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life without him. I also can’t imagine anyone else being the father of my children.
23. We’ve been talking about going to Europe for our 10-year anniversary. Hopefully our finances will allow it.
24. I’m sure we’ll manage it, as both kids will be in school by then. No more day care costs…yay!
25. Oh, good, I’m done. That was not as easy as I thought it would be.

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