It seems like Matty is finally getting over whatever he has. He had no temperature, and he’s been more playful throughout the day.
I’m finally going to go see Twilight tomorrow! YAY! I’m so very excited…I know a lot of people say the movie doesn’t do the book justice, but I don’t care. I just need my Twilight fix. I’m between books right now, not sure when I’ll get to read Breaking Dawn, and the movie will hold me over for a while. I hope…
Brandon will be six two weeks from tomorrow. Since we’ll be going to Orlando sometime in the spring, we’re having a “small” (HA! nothing with us is ever small!) get-together at our house the day of. I’m glad I’m on vacation next week, I can go buy the party supplies and order the cake. All that will need to be done the day of is picking up comestibles. I know I’m ordering food, I just don’t know if it will be cheap, quick and easy, like pizza, or more expensive but filling, like Imperial Rice. Any suggestions?
I realized earlier today that we did not take a family picture, of just the four of us, on Christmas Day. Didn’t do it last year either. There are, however, three hundred pictures of every inch of paper being torn off of every gift the boys received. Next year I’ll have to remember: less gift pics, more family pics.

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