After Christmas

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Hubby had to go to work today, so I’m alone with the kids until this evening. I may go hit a post-Christmas sale or two with my sister and her kids later today.
Yesterday we went by my grandparents’ in the morning, then my sister’s for brunch, then we hosted our grupito gathering. Both boys loved all their new stuff. Brandon loves the vsmile console and all the new games. He also got lots of books to develop his reading skills. Matty loved tearing at the paper, but hasn’t taken to any particular item yet. Then again, he’s still feeling icky so he’d rather cling to me than play. I posted some pictures in the extended entry. We got some happy news yesterday: Felipe‘s going to be a big brother! Lilli is about 8 weeks, and the new baby is due just a few days after Felipe’s 2nd birthday. Congrats, you guys!
What did Santa bring you?

Christmas Eve, just before leaving our house.
Brandon putting Santa’s Magic Key outside on Christmas Eve before going to bed. Otherwise, Santa couldn’t get in the house and drop off presents.
A team effor to open the VSmile console.
Reading a letter Santa left him at Titi’s house.
My older sis with our niece Brooke, 5 months old yesterday!
Matty eating grapes with Tata.
Brandon and Beka
C-man opening one of his presents.
Just a small part of the aftermath.

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