(I’m having fun with the “F” theme, can you tell?)
Before I head to bed, I wanted to mention how money-savvy I’ve been this week. On Thursday, the baby needed diapers, and we needed a few things for the house, so Brandon and I headed out after dinner to get some things. I went to my new favorite dollar store franchise and purchased two loaves of bread, two boxes of Little Debbie snacks, two 4-packs of toilet paper, one bag of teddy bear cookies, three green bellpeppers, a bunch of bananas, one bottle of ketchup, one bottle of Russian dressing, an iceberg lettuce, a bag of 51-count plasticware, and a box of 150-count sandwich bags for $15.45. I was in awe at the amount of stuff I bought for that amount of money. Afterwards, we went to my favorite retailer and I bought the store brand of diapers, 68-count, for half the price of the popular brand name that we usually use.
Sounds like we saved money this week, right? Not quite. Brandon needed new shoes, asap. He broke his second pair of character sneakers while at school yesterday. I don’t know how he did it, but the cloth part of the shoes tore, and his toes were peeking out by the time I picked him up. I got him a pair on clearance at that store that WB hates last night. I told him no more character sneakers until we see that he takes care of them.
I can look at the bright side though, I spent on the shoes what I saved on everything from the previous night. Now we just need to see how long these new shoes last.

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