I’m proud to say that Brandon’s behavior has been stellar this week! I got the following note from his teacher yesterday: “He did better with his behavior yesterday and today. He finished his work. Let him know that I told you the good news =) “. So this week I’ve adopted a new strategy; we decided it would be best to reward him with a small treat every day. We figured that the instant gratification approach would work better than setting long-term goals. On Monday, his friend Julie came over for a little while to play. Yesterday, we went over to my sister’s house and he spent some time with his cousins. Today, we rushed home to do homework and take a bath because when we told the director at Matty’s school how good he had behaved, she invited him to Story Night this evening. If he behaves tomorrow, Titi is coming over for some playtime. If he makes it through the week, we’re going to the Pumpkin Patch with his cousins during the weekend.
By the way, have you noticed a pattern? None of his rewards have been new toys. I’m very proud of this accomplishment, and I hope we can keep it up. There are more than enough toys in this house!

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