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Today was my first day back at work after vacation, and the day flew by. A coworker who is currently on maternity leave came by with her baby boy, and she was in the office from around 11am till just after 2pm. It was such a nice treat, he’s a cute little chunky monkey, and a few of us had lunch with her and the baby. His presence had us all in great moods. There’s nothing sweeter than a baby, after all.
Looks like we are safe from Hurricane Ike, but Cuba is getting pounded. Please say a prayer for all the people on the island, hoping that they can salvage the little that they have.
Brandon’s Open House is tomorrow night. I did a smart thing and did both tonight’s and tomorrow night’s homework with him this evening. All we have left is the daily reading, which he is thriving in, by the way. He gets frustrated when he gets stuck, but he’s recognizing and sounding out more and more words each day.
My vaca frita came out fabulous on Friday night, if I do say so myself. See?
I would write more, but I’m going to take advantage that the boys are already in bed and head there myself. Good night!

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