This weekend, hubby and I went up to the attic and took down our bin of Halloween costumes. I wanted to see what we have, what I could sell online for extra cash, and if any of Brandon’s old costumes fit Matty. Brandon says he wants to be Thomas, again, so his costume is not a problem. As luck would have it, there are three costumes I’m selling, and Matty fits in Brandon’s Superman costume from a couple of years back. Once the three costumes are sold, I think I’ll use the profits to surprise Brandon and get him a Spiderman costume. After all, it will look so much cuter if both my boys are dressed as superheroes, don’tcha think?
I know this sounds absolutely terrible, but I’m sort of glad we won’t be able to go up to Central Florida for WB and Sherlock’s Anniversary/Halloween party. See, if we go, I’ll be compelled to purchase an anniversary/Halloween gift for them (even if she insists otherwise), along with the unavoidable costs of gas, tolls and food. And, Halloween is on a Friday, so we’d have a rough time getting over there at a decent hour anyway. So WB, I’m sorry we’ll be missing your party this year. Please have a drink or three on my behalf.

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