Vacation Eve

As of tomorrow afternoon at 4:30pm, I will be on vacation until September 2nd 8th (I’m my state of exhaustion last night I put the wrong date)! Hubby works until 7pm, and then he’ll be on vacation right along with me. It couldn’t come soon enough, we are completely worn out. I didn’t think it would take us this long to adapt to the boys’ new schedule, but it has. Hubby is already in bed, and I’m just minutes away from joining him.
Several family members and friends have asked me if there are Orlando vacations in our future. I told them we’re just too tired to do parks (oh yeah, and that money thing got in the way too), we’re going on a stay-cation. Our itinerary is already filled with a wide array of activities, from rhythmic channel surfing to synchronized sleeping. In fact, I think my training for the latter should begin right about….now. Good night!

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