That’s what I’ve been calling myself lately. I haven’t exercised in weeks, unless taking the stairs at work when I’m rushing to catch the train counts. I haven’t taken my multi-vitamin in even longer, though I know they’ll curb my appetite and increase my energy. I look at the bottle on my dresser every night, but I can’t bear to take the pills. They remind me of horse supplements and make me gag, but I won’t throw the bottle away since it’s throwing money in the garbage. And let’s dwell too long on my eating habits, m’kay? I’ll have a snack along with the kids when we got home, then dinner, then “a little something” for dessert, usually cookies or a scoop of ice cream. That’s all I’ll say about that.
I keep thinking about what my doctor will say four months from now when I go back for my check-up, but I’m still completely unmotivated. Does anyone know an easy, pain-free, sweat-free, tasty way out of this rut?

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